Authentification n'y code or Touch ID

Is there a way to go back on the authentication of the App that before version 5.3.1 was done at the launch of this one but since this version, the App starts normally and then to EVERY launch of a video he asks for the code or Touch ID. Which is EXCESSIVELY ENOUGH. Whether the authentication request occurs during a delete request is a novelty welcome but why with each reading and why the App launches without initial authentication …

I suspect that you have enabled the Parental Controls in the Infuse Settings which is why you are being prompted for authentication code; either turn them off, or set them to an appropriate level for you needs.

By default, Parental Controls will cause Infuse to prompt for a passcode when playing a video.

You can limit when this appears by placing a checkmark next to various age ratings in the Settings > Parental Controls > Allow Movie Ratings & Allowed TV Show Ratings menu. Placing a checkmark next to all ratings will prevent the passcode prompt from ever appearing when playing videos.

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