Aurora Teagarden series metadata issue

I’ve tried a number of ways to get the file naming to allow the correct update of metadata without success. For example:

A Bone to Pick.An Aurora Teagarden Mystery.S01E01
Aurora Teagarden Mysteries.A Bone to Pick.S01E01
Aurora Teagarden Mysteries.S01E01.A Bone to Pick

Any suggestions for how to get this working are appreciated!

Both TVDB and TMDB have this listed as movies, not a TV series like IMDB.

Neither TMDB nor TVDB have this “episode” (A Bone to Pick) from 2015 so you would have to join one of the sources (TMDB would be the preferred since Infuse is switching over to all metadata from them) and enter the info for yourself and others to use.

Your other option would be to create a nfo or xml file and add your own artwork for this movie/episode.

None of the examples you have listed above will get you a match so you’ll probably want to name the file something like “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries A Bone to Pick 2015.mkv”

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As an additional note, The Hallmark Movies website classifies these as individual movies so that’s probably going to be considered more correct (not the IMDB classification).

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The naming style for ‘A Bone to Pick’ is a bit different than the others, but it does look like it’s listed on TMDb.

All titles can be found by browsing the Aurora Teagarden Mystery Collection as well.

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I have all the Aurora Teagarden movies, not tv shows, and they are all in infuse but I did have to search for the metadata. So they are all there.