Audiophile audio through ATV4 hdmi...

Might you pls tell me if this use case is feasible, to listen at HI-RES music within my car?

  • ATV4 + Infuse5 within my car, connected to a 4G router
  • ATV4 HDMI out passes through a splitter, to extract optical audio (does Infuse send HD FLACs via hdmi?)
  • Optical audio goes to an audiophile DAC (Musical Fidelity, able to decode up to 24bit/192KHz)
  • HD Music (FLAC 24/96 and the like) is sourced from my Synology NAS, internet connected.

Many thanks in advance for any reply!
(and merry xMas!)

Think DS Audio and take it from there instead.

Infuse is currently only designed for video files, but support for music/audio is something we hope to look into for a future version.

Thanks to both of you! Unluckily DS Audio is not available on ATV4, yet.

No, but look at some other hardware… can’t u just use an iPhone ?

Thanks, but… no: the “receiver” (ATV4) is connected in the back of the car to the “audiophile” DAC via an hdmi2optical cable.
I need the ATV4 sourcing HiDef music files (eg. 24/96-24/192) directly through HDMI: an iPhone using airplay would transcode anything at best at 16/44 or 16/48.