Audio / Video Falling out of Sync during playback

I’m sorry if this has been resolved in another thread (just couldn’t find it).

There appears to be streaming issues with the audio falling out of sync with video during a movie playback. I’ve went back and forth and tested movies in iTunes running off the same NAS (Synology DS211) and iTunes always plays perfect. System is wired to Gigabit Ethernet (new e4200 Linksys).

Wondering if others have had this experience and if so, is there a fix?

Also, is there any preferred file formats that play better than others on the ATV2 Black?





We’re looking into a few similar issues - are you using AC3/DTS passthrough?

No, those options are not on.

Ok - if you can send in a bug report we’ll be sure to look into it.


 I have updated to the latest  Beta 7 and have the same sync problem playing AVI files… I tried playing the same file via XBMC & iTunes and it plays fine.