Audio Track Language not displayed

Infuse 5.6.6, tvOS 11.2.1.
When playing a Blu-ray .iso, the audio track language (English in my case) is displayed for the first two tracks only, the third and fourth are just labels as Track #3, Track #4.

Is this happening for all videos?

This info is generated from the video files themselves, so it’s possible some tracks have an explicit language tag while others do not.

The missing track languages are French and German, respectively. Interestingly, the last track (Japanese) is displayed correctly. MrMC can display all track languages correctly.

Hmm, ok.

Which title is this?

Is the issue present in other videos as well?

Suicide Squad (2016), Blu-ray iso.

I didn’t check other videos; I will do eventually.

Thanks. We’ll take a look.

Let us know if you notice this issue with other titles.

I tried three other iso files and the all display the subtitle language correctly. So, it doesn’t seem to be a bug.
It remains strange why this particular iso and why can MrMC is correct but not infuse.

I have the same issue with Life of Pi 4K HDR Blu-Ray iso. I can attack a screenshot if you wish.