Audio sync problem



I am experiencing an audio/video sync problem. But once I restart the aTV using the DFU mode the sync is perfect. I do not want to have to DFU the aTV every time I switch it on. Am I the only person experiencing this problem?

I am running all the latest versions and the media is located on 2 NAS drives.




I got a similar problem when playing DVD files from my Qnap Nas. I think

this is happening since the update to atv flash 2.0.

Thanks for any advice!



You might need to submit a support ticket. I haven’t seen FireCore doing much responding at all in these forums since I joined (a few weeks ago).

You may try installing the new 2.1 update that was released yesterday.

If you’re still having trouble a support ticket will be your best option.

…installed the update yesterday. The problem still exists…:-( 

I will open a support ticket then.