Audio Sync issues v1.6

I have latest version 1.6 although  still not running latest os5 and latest jailbreak. On DVD’s ripped to Video_TS folder structure on a NAS (unRaid) I get sync issues over time the audio drifts till by the end of the movie it is out by seconds.

I run video refresh at auto so it sets ATV to 50Hz for pal.

I am running wireless currently. I use it direct into tv so no DD or DTS.


Thanks rick



Is this happening with all DVD files, or just a few?

Which tool was used to backup your DVDs?

i got sync issues to , never have what before. 

Only tried dvd so far but will try others…tool used to rip is Anydvd HD…rips are good from mediaportal

Would you mind sending in a bug report?