Audio sync issues during playback

I am using Infuse 7 on Apple TV and am also noticing audio sync issues. It seems to get worse each time I pause it. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, but there is no difference in what is happening.

What device are you playing audio through (TV, receiver, HomePods, etc…)?

Are you using a variable playback speed (you can check the current setting in Infuse > Settings > Playback).

Apple TV A1625

Playback Speed = Normal


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I’m still having the same issue and sent example files to you last year. This would not be an issue if you would add the much-requested Audio Delay Adjustment feature which is already available in free apps like VLC.

The issue persists still with version 7.3.3, audio can become progressively out of sync. Sometimes it can be alleviated by restarting playback but sometimes it doesn’t help. Just last week I had to switch to playback with VLC on tvOS for normal audio playback.

The following day I rewatched the video on mute to attempt to reproduce the issue but was not able to, maybe there is something with the internal state of Infuse?

Today’s 7.3.4 update has a number of playback related improvements.

Please try installing this update and let us know if you continue to see issues here.

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I see no difference with the new update.

I didn’t see what you were running your audio to, sorry if I missed it.

I am not seeing any difference with the latest update.

An audio delay would be difficult to use, in my case I would need to adjust it after every pause of the video, and it would have to be quite an adjustment, currently the delay is several seconds, not a fraction of a section.

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TV, app is on an Apple TV

I believe he was asking what device are you using to hear the sound? TV speakers, AV receiver, Wireless speakers etc.

I said TV, then just elaborated that it was going through the Apple TV to get to it.

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing any improvement with version 7.3.4.

Any updates on this one?

Nope… still awaiting :frowning:

I switched to a different product, it was the copy software that was the pr.

To which product did you switch?