Audio sync issues during playback

The playback of video files results in a very noticeable audio sync issue, which is resolved by switching to an app that uses the native Apple TV implementation.

I was hoping the “Revamped playback core” would resolve the issue, but there is an audio sync issue since Infuse 5 is still present.

Hmm, sorry about that. We’re not aware of any audio sync issues like this, but would be happy to look into it.

Is this affecting all files, or just a few?

What type of device is your Apple TV connected to?

Are you using the ‘Best Available’ audio option in Settings > Video and Audio?

A large majority of files seem to be affected.

The Apple TV 4K running tvOS 12.2 is connected to a 65" Telefunken XU65A401 television.

The default “Best Available” audio option is selected.

I am seeing the same issue as well, but only from Infuse 6.0+ on tvOS. Videos are basically unwatchable at this point.

The audio is like its being played at a faster speed than the video.

  • At the start of playback, from beginning or resuming, the video is in sync.
  • After a few seconds of playback the sync starts drifting as the audio is playing faster. The pitch of the audio is noticeably higher. Like sped up playback.
  • After a few minutes, the audio playback starts crackling and eventually goes silent. Like the decoder and playback has just given up.
  • Seeking forward or backward, the video and audio will be back in sync but drift apart again due to different playback speed.
  • Subtitles match the video.

Somethings that might points the underlying cause:

  • Bring up the progress bar / scrubber bar, the time on the bar is correct sometimes it would advance slightly faster for a second the slower later on to compensate.
  • Issues seems to be independent of audio codec type. I’ve tested videos with AC3, AAC, MP3 tracks and the issue is the same.

Something that seems to temporarily fix the problem:

  • While playing, if I change the audio output speaker in any way the issue is fixed. Ex. Connect Bluetooth headphones and switch the output to it. Then change back to HDMI audio out.

Sorry about that.

If you are able to send in a report from your device (and possibly upload a sample of an affected video) it would help greatly in seeing what may be going on here.

Sending in reports

Uploading samples

I have uploaded a two minute video file, there are various stages where the audio appears out of sync.

I am having exactly the same issues with audio being out of synch since the 6.0+ upgrade on all videos played. I didnt have this issue with 5.

Thanks for sending in your sample.

We’ll take a deeper look and see what may be going on here.

Can you try today’s 6.1.7 update, and let us know if this is still an issue for you?

The issue is still present in Infuse 6.1.8. About halfway through a 35 minute MKV file the audio was noticeably out of sync for the majority of the remaining video.

I am having this issue too. 4K HDR files play with audio out of sync when played through Infuse. The same file plays fine when accessed through my TVs native player. Any help would be appreciated.

Is the ATV plugged into your TV or your Soundbar/Receiver?

ATV is plugged into TV, the TV is the connected to the sound system via HDMI/ARC. Other apps appear to be in perfect sync by this method.

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I am having the same issue on iOS as well as tvOS. If I use VLC, I can delay or advance the audio to fix the problem. Can you add that feature?