Audio sync issue with 5.7.6 with 4k Apple TV

Ever since I got the 5.7.6 update earlier today, I’m having noticeable audio sync issues on any non-4k source. I’ve tried numerous files and the problem is always reproducible. 1080P content has minimal lag, while 720P content has more lag.

Anyone else seeing this after the update?

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Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

We haven’t noticed any other reports of this, but are you seeing this with all your videos or just a few? Are you running the tvOS 12 beta by chance? Have you tried restarting the Apple TV?

If you are able to send in a report from your Apple TV and open a support ticket it may help in tracking down what’s going on.

I see this on all non-4k videos. Playing the same videos through Plex doesn’t have any lip-sync issues. There were also no sync issues prior to yesterday’s update.

I’m running tvOS 11.4.1. Restarting the aTV doesn’t make any difference.

I have been noticing this issue too. Although it is (very) small, once you notice the issue you can not “unnotice” it. The same files seem to be playing fine with Plex. Also I don’t notice any lip sync issues with Netflex on Apple Tv 4K. The strange thing is the audio seems to be behind instead of ahead which is correctable in most cases. My setup is:

Apple TV 4K (latest regular TvOS version 11.4.x)
Samsung UHD TV (Audio delay set to 0)
Sonos Playbar 5.1

I also have noticed lip sync since the update but only on one TV program file coming from my NAS box. If i play the file through my Wetek Play 2 or on my PC it plays fine.

The delay is about 1/4 second which is very noticable. The file is 1080P and I have the latest Apple TV 4K firmware update (not the Beta)

try to switch to stereo mode in ATV audio settings
helped me

We’re working to address add support for AirPlay 2 and HomePod, and these changes may very well help resolve some cases related to ARC audio (IE Apple TV > TV > Audio Device).

We expect these changes to be available in the upcoming 5.8.1 update.

My AppleTV 4K is connected to a Yamaha Receiver, hence no ARC is used. I have tuned the receiver delay with CatchinSync app to be spot on down to the millisecond.

But sometimes sound is out of sync after Apple TV 4K wakes from sleep. The amount varies it looks like but sometimes up to 100ms, that is very noticeable.

A reboot of AppleTV clears it and sync is perfect again. I only notice this with Infuse, on the other hand Infuse is the app I use the most on the Apple TV

If this happens again, can you exit the video, send in a report through the Settings menu, and open a support ticket so we can look into this?

Note: Sending in an email as described on the Apple TV report confirmation page will automatically open a support ticket for you.