Audio sync in SDR content

I’ve got an Apple TV 4K (first one with eARC for audio) connected to x2 HomePod 1st gens. For best picture quality I’m using match frame rate and match range

With a new TV i purchased recently, the TV processing has set the audio out of sync so I’ve gone through calibrating the wireless audio sync for ever frame rate version of DV/HDR/SDR. In all other apps, the audio is fine and in sync.

Playing DV or HDR content with Infuse is fine, no issues at all. But when playing SDR files, the audio delay returns. With manual audio delay, it’s not world ending, but a bit annoying and wish it was automatic as with all other apps or with HDR/DV content. Note, when using the plex app, it totally fixes the audio delay (provided using the old player, the new player never seems to work for me at all)

Using latest version of Infuse 7.7 and tvOS 17.3