Audio sync improvement suggestion

Hi all,

Really pleased with the quality of Infuse so far, amazing piece of software!
Here’s 1 improvement suggestion that could positively impact a lot of Sonos users, and would avoid having to invest in another, duplicate speaker setup in the living room.

Issue: Currently no one is able to use their existing Sonos Play range of speakers (play:1, play:3, play:5) with an Apple TV / beamer / TV setup, because the audio line-in on Sonos play:5 speakers adds a sound delay for various reasons (analog to digital audio conversion, buffering to play wirelessly on other speakers, …). That doesn’t matter if you just listen to music, but makes movies unbearable to watch. In my case, the audio delay is around 250ms.

Solution idea: A simple-to-use fix, which for example exists on the desktop version of VLC, would be to have a way to manually configure a negative audio delay of -50ms, -100ms, -150ms, etc. within the Infuse. Ideally, I’d like to have this delay saved, to avoid having to reconfigure it whenever I watch a movie. This would allow me to get powerful stereo sound in sync with my movies.

I’d gladly help with testing something like this.

Cheers from Switzerland,

Welcome to the forum!

Your suggestion is already running in the “Suggestions” area here Audio Delay adjustment

Thank you NC Bullseye!
Sorry for the duplicate post, I’ll double check next time. Have a good start of the week.

Not a problem at all! There is often crossover between sub forums with all the great info and ideas.

Hope you have a great week also!

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