Audio Settings

I am using Infuse on Apple TV 4, connected to Denon x4200 receiver. I wanted to make sure that I was using optional settings for audio and get some input on an issue that I am having with the receiver. Every so often, the audio mode on the receiver will be Stereo despite the fact the audio is a 5.1 source like Dolby, etc. So, i then hit the Cinema button on Denon remote and then the audio mode is Multi Channel In. This will work for a few days or longer and then all of a sudden the audio mode reverts to Stereo. This also happens for Stereo sources on ATV like You Tube TV. I hit the Cinema button to upscale the Stereo to Dolby Surround and it works for a few days but then reverts back to Stereo. The Audio Format on ATV is set to Auto, atmos available. Do I need to make adjustments to the Audio settings in Infuse? Is this just an issue on the Denon side?

What you’re experiencing is not normal. It sounds like an issue with your denon. Check for firmware updates or contact them.

We had one other similar report like this, and it appears to have been resolved by installing the tvOS 13.2 update, which was released yesterday.

I’d give this a try and see if things improve for you.

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