audio problems when play from ext HDD

I am using 1st gen ATV with ATV Flash, using external harddrive to store all my movies…


I have trouble when playing back some of my movies… the audio is just a constant stutter noise.

I download the files first and then transfer to the HDD, then plug the HDD into the Apple TV.

Many of the movies are no problem, but some are… and I cannot find out why.

If I plug in the HDD to my macbook and open the movie files…   .avi, . mkv etc… they play fine

so there is no issue with the files themselves…


Anyone got a clue!???

It is frustrating as I download a lot of movies, load them onto the HDD then go to play them

and have this issues. The video seems to be fine on them, just the audio, in some rare cases

I also have blank screen with the video…


How did you get your ATV1 to read your external drive to begin with?  I can’t figure that out.

Can you try disabling the ‘AC3 Passthrough’ option found in the Maintenance > Settings menu to see if this helps?

@john, details on setting up and using external drives with the ATV1 can be found here.