Audio problems on v2.3

Most large video files (>1.2 Gb or so) have no audio when played on my aTV via AFP. Basically I can’t play any 720p/1080p and expect to hear any audio, as such rips are typically larger files. I have noticed the problem in .avi .mp4 .mkv, perhaps more. Of course the files play fine on the Mac, through VLC or QTime.

Another problem that I’m getting with some other files (irrespective of size) is an ear piercing squelch of some sort, no real movie audio is produced. Again, it plays fine on the Mac. The audio coded used on the file that I’m testing right now is AC3 A52, with channels 3F2R/LFE

Are these known bugs, are there any plans for fixing them, or is there anything I can do to overcome the problems??