Audio Problem After Infuse

after i did update to infuse the sound of some files its like  in slow motion !!

sounds weird and i cant understand!!  is there anyway the i can back to regular media Player ?

I have the same problem, did you ever figure it out?

No!! im Using The Xbox Media Center ultil they fix that!

Unsure how to downgrade unless you use an older version of atvflash installer however I think it will still pull the updated source across.

XBMC is fine so its a problem in infuse, regardless of however much I turn up my TV volume it makes no difference.

I find it odd that it’s only on certain files (usually mkv files for me). Wish someone could fix it.

Can you run mkvinfo on these files? I’ve run into this today on a set of MP4 files with AAC SBR+PS (Parametric Stereo) audio tracks, and I wonder if your audio tracks also use the Parametric Stereo AAC extension.

I have the problem that the audio is very quite.

Hope they fix it and we will hear something about it.

The support from firecore is really bad…

Same mp4 audio problem with Infuse in ATVFlash Blk. Does not happen on all mp4. Only certain files. Audio is slow, unintelligible and distorted. File plays fine on computer. Used to play OK on AppleTV before InFuse. What’s the solution?

I too have problems with Audio, all was fine until a couple fo weeks ago :confused: I get static audio sound from most movies now


going to try installing xmbc like others have suggested.