Audio Output

Currently awaiting for delivery of my aTV 4k and LG OLED display so been researching a great deal.
I understand that HD-MA and TrueHD won’t be displayed on my amp as it will be transmitted via LPCM.
But is there a way i’ll be able to see what’s being transmitted (i.e. DTS HD or TrueHD) via the Infuse front end?


File info will tell you what soundtrack the is encoded in. You can also pull down to see the audio options during playback to see what track is being decoded. All info is sent from the Apple TV to your receiver in LPCM.

Many thanks for the reply. Thats good to know.
I, like many, like to see what is being used on the amp. Firecore development, do you envisage that this would be possible in the future? I’d assume this is more of an Apple thing though.


It’s an Apple thing. Apple hasn’t stated why they only do PCM but I believe it has to do with live mixing of other audio in with the tracks (Siri, button clicks, director commentary tracks, etc)

Infuse will send all audio from the Apple TV as LPCM, though this is a lossless process so no quality is lost. Some general info on this can be found here.

With regard to seeing what Infuse is sending, you have a few options for this. The audio specs will be listed on the video details page prior to starting playback (EG TrueHD 7.1). Additionally, during playback, you can swipe down and navigate to the Audio tab to see the specs for the currently select audio track (or even select a different track if your video contains more than one).

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