Audio output problems

As far as I understand latest versions of tvOS started to convert audio beatstream to PCM.Because at the beggining all uncomressed formats were delivered to my AV processor without any changes. At the begining uncomressed audio was converted to LPCM, compressed - to PCM. But now all formats, except Atmos are converted to PCM.
As I can see, it’s done by tvOS, as settings are not in Infuse menu. Am I right?
I’ve Apple TV 4K with Infuse Pro and Arcam AV processor. In that combination the best sound is achieved with beatstream. Is it possible somehow to return everything back, to have an option with sound as it is in the file?
Why it started to do from uncompressed formats PCM, not LPCM? For sure in my setup it worth than beatstream, but DD sound quality level, which we already had on DVD?
Recently there were 2 upgrades for tvOS shortly one after another. I expected that the problem will be fixed, but audio output remained the same. Can somebody clearly explain what and why is happening with audio output? And can I expect that it’ll return to the previous condition?

Mnay thanks in advance.

Bitstream was killed by Apple after tvOS 11.2. Everything is send via PCM. The only atmos data that can be read by the AppleTV is atmos contained within a lossy Dolby digital+ stream.

If you want bitstream you’ll have to look at a different media box.

Thanks for fast reply! I suspected that trying to make “user friendly” interface, Apple removed everything except PCM and DD, which even old TV’s can easily understand. I also suspect that 99% of AppleTV users don’t hear any diference in sound quality. They just had less problems like: Why there is no sound in the video? May be Apple will return beatstream some day. Who knows…

But one thing I really don’t understand. I clearly remember when Dolby and DTS (except Atmos) disapeared, I saw on my AV processor either LPCM (for uncomressed versions of Dolby and DTS) and PCM for comressed ones. Now I see PCM 48 kHz only. That is another change in tvOS and nothing can be done with that? Anyhow LPCM is better than PCM.

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if you care about this you’d buy a nVidia Shield. Shame Apple aren’t supporting proper bitstreaming, it’s a show stopper for many home theatre enthusiasts, but i guess thats a small group of people. I’d personally love to get rid of the Shield, or i’d love Infuse on the Shield!