Audio output issue

Hello, how to stop iphone to switch audio output from bottom speakers to top one? Happens if i turn landscape mode upside down, depending on charger position.

Hmm, looks like other apps (youtube, for example) are using both speakers, bottom and top. How to make Infuse to do it same way?

Can you try disabling the ‘Dolby Audio Effects’ option in Settings > Playback to see if this makes any difference for you?

Turning dolby off didn’t help, but… almost same file from another show (avi with 128 kbps mp3 2ch 48 kHz) works fine with both speakers. Any other ideas please?

If you have a chance, would you be able to send in one of the problematic files so we can take a look?

uploaded Opera-3 3 Chuzhaja.avi

Thanks for the sample.

We’ll see if we can track down what’s going on here.

I feel silly to admit this, but it took us awhile to figure out what’s wrong here. The file has audio only in the left channel, the right one is just silence. ?

On modern devices, Apple uses pretty cool tech to split stereo to two speakers when the device is in landscape orientation. This results in much better stereo as the audio comes from two speakers spread apart. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work too well for files like this.

Sorry, i didn’t have any app to check that. Thank you for your time.

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