Audio out of sync

Guys, it’s “better” but NOT fixed. Sound is still out of sync and it “seems” the longer into the movie you get the worse it is off.

Come on, this is painful.

I agree. It’s better but still not “spatial” enough compared to Plex

Not about “spatial”, at this point I could care less about Dolby Atmos. The issue is ridiculous audio / video dialogue sync issues. Movies are UNWATCHABLE because the audio coming out of the ATV4K + HomePods is NOT in sync with the dialogue being spoken. It is very distracting and we have no way to adjust.

I am not having this issue with other apps like NetFlix, AppleTV+, Amazon Prime Video or even YouTube which recently corrected the issue.

The changes in 6.6 were aimed at improving audio quality for HomePods, and it sounds like the issue you are seeing is a bit different.

We’re not seeing widespread reports of audio sync issues, but we’d like to look into this.

  1. What type of files are you playing (movies, TV shows, TV recordings, etc…)?
  2. Is this happening with all files?
  3. Are these audio sync issues present if you download one of these videos?

Same problem here with movies. Seems like it’s the “length” that taxes the app? No problem in 42min episodes of a series, but watching a movie is… well: unwatchable.

I finally gave up and found it on AppleTV+ and rented it.