Audio Not Working to Airport Express.

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Is it not possible to stream the audio from Infuse to an Aiport Express? The sound is fine through the iPad internal speakers but when I ask it to stream the audio to airport express, the movie fails to load. I can stream audio through Synology DS Video so I am bemused why Infuse cannot do this. I cannot justify a Pro subscription if it cannot perform this basic function.

I was under the assumption that Airplay was available for Infuse. It works on every other app I have.

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Very strange behaviour. I get the Airplay symbol appear in the lower right of the screen. However, enabling Airplay does one of two things - plays only the film audio while the screen shows the library image associated with that film, or it just goes back to the film’s ticket screen.

Anyone any ideas?

Can anyone from tech please have a look at this issue. I really like Infuse, the interface is wonderful, playback is super smooth and yet Airplay does not work. Even Safari allows Airplay…

Streaming audio only via AirPlay is not available at this time, but it is on our radar to look into for a future update.

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Hi James,

I am not talking about streaming audio only. My issue is that I have no audio at all for anything, mkv, avi, mp4. I cannot watch any films if I try to use Airplay.

You might try disabling the ‘Dolby over AirPlay’ option in Infuse (see here AirPlay Isn't Working – Firecore).

Yes, I tried that yesterday. I’ve looked everywhere for a fix. It’s a real shame because Infuse totally fulfils all my needs otherwise. Wonderful media player but I can’t stick with it if there is no Airplay.

It’s a little strange you’re not getting audio, but as I mentioned it’s not intended to work at this point. In essence, you would get audio on your Airport Express, but no video in Infuse.