Audio limitations on Apple TV - so what about MacOS?

I’ve built my media setup around Infuse and love it, but with Apple TV as my main player, I’m obviously limited in sound formats (TrueHD with Atmos essentially - I use a Sonos Arc so DTS isn’t a consideration).

I have a MacBook Air (M2, 2022) with Infuse on it, and playing files on that on the Mac itself, it’s able to decode TrueHD Atmos files just fine. Before I invest in something to hook it up to my home theatre (a USB-C hub of some kind with HDMI 2.1 out), are there any similar limitations I should be aware of? Or might I be able to output Dolby Vision, HDR, Atmos, DTS-MA, etc from that?

And if so, any tips on where to start on making that easily controllable? I use the Remote app on my iPhone as my main way to control the Apple TV.

I haven’t monkeyed around with macOS as a home theatre player for a while but last time I did macOS didn’t support bitstreaming TrueHD and DTS-X. Maybe that’s changed with the M series.

Audio passthrough is not available on macOS at this time, but it may be something we are able to look into for a future update.

There is a thread for this you can follow here.

Wonderful, thank you!

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