Audio language track selection for playlist


I have an issue, or rather a missing feature, which would probably be nice to have in the future.

We do have the audio language setting which allows us to select our preferred language, which works just fine. In some cases however, I don’t want to watch a TV show in my preferred language, but e.g. with the original audio language. When playing back a playlist and switching the audio track to the one I actually want, the audio track will always switch back to the preferred language setting as soon as an episode ends and the next one starts.
I’d therefore request a feature that either:

  • remembers the current audio language for the rest of the playlist/TV show when changing it manually, either for all playlists or maybe as a toggleable option for each playlist/TV show.
  • allows to manually save the audio language when selecting it by showing a checkbox in the audio language selection dialogue in case a playlist/TV show is currently playing.

These options should of course be synced and be used as soon as you continue watching the playlist/TV show, if possible.

That would be a great option, and I can imagine that there are more people out there who have the same difficulties.


Best Regards.