Audio Issues


I would like to report a problem I’m having since the initial release of Infuse. When I am about to play certain .m4v videos, the audio doesn’t play until I move the slider a bit forward to at least 00:05 sec. After doing this, the audio plays without any issues. Other Apps play these files just fine, so it’s clearly an Infuse issue.

I had a look at the audio track information of the videos which didn’t work and compared them to working ones. The ones that didn’t work (first 3 screenshots) had Stereo Audio (AAC) as the audio track, the ones that worked (last 2 screens) had Audio Track (AAC). 

Please try fixing this, it’s really annoying. Despite that, Infuse is the best video playing app I’ve ever used.

Here Screenshots from iFlicks:

































































Hmm, interesting. We’ll take a look and see if we can track down what might be causing this.

Thank you very much.