Audio issues when connecting iPad Pro to TV via HDMI

I recently tried hooking my iPad Pro up to my TV using the HyperDrive USB-C Hub and an HDMI cable. When I tried playing back videos via Infuse, however, I ran into some audio issues for some of my files. Some would playback normally, while others would make sounds that almost sounded like an old dial-up modem. At first glance, I can’t see any differences between what would play normally vs what wouldn’t. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar, or if there are certain audio formats/codecs that are likely to cause something like this.

FYI, all videos (and audio) play just fine when viewed on the iPad itself.

You may try disabling the ‘5.1 over HDMI’ option in Settings > Playback.

With this enabled, Infuse will send encoded 5.1 audio which isn’t supported by all devices.

That fixed it. Thanks!


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