Audio Issues, airplay 2, HomePod stereo pair

I am having a couple of issues with audio synchronization, using 2 homepods as a stereo pair.

  1. Frequently the two speakers are slightly out of sync, creating a nasty reverb/echo effect.

  2. And/or the video is frequently out of sync with the audio, sometimes by quite a bit.

Any suggestions?

Sometimes changing to another app, and then back to infuse, will cause the audio to sync. Other times rebooting the Apple TV is required,.

FWIW: Most other apps do not have this issue (Netflix, Hulu, etc), but a couple other do (Channels)

If you have a chance, can you send in a report the next time this issue happens so we can look into this?

Having the exact same issue. So many restarts. It was fine with one HomePod. Not two. Everything else works fine. On version 4.

Any updates on this issue?

Bump^^ eager to see this resolved. Have [hopefully temporarily] moved to VLC.

Quick update.

We believe we’ve tracked down and resolved what was causing this issue, and plan to have these changes available in the upcoming 5.7.5 update.

If anyone is interested in testing this early, please let me know and I will get you added to TestFlight.

Thanks, I would like to test the updated version early.

PM sent.

I’m still on V4. I take it an update to this issue will not be addressed in v4?


Unfortunately not, but you can still beta test the fix in v5 if you like. :slight_smile:

Sure! I’d love to test it out. Happy to pay for the upgrade if it solves the issue too.

Sadly it happened with the beta last night. A restart fixed the problem, but something is still amiss. As a feature request, it would sure be lovely to be able to select speakers from the Infuse player (like you can in netflix and native apps but swiping down).

It looks like there are a few separate issues going on. A few have been resolved in 5.7.5, and we’re working to handle the rest for 5.7.6. Since you’re already in TestFlight you should get an email once this is available.

I am trying version 5 and I have problems with audio lag in airplay with apple tv 4k. In contrast with the native applications of Apple TV is perfectly synchronized

Still having issues. I have to restart the Apple TV every time it goes to sleep. I wonder if this is an Apple problem?

We’re looking into a few remaining issues here for the upcoming 5.8.2 version.

Thanks for your patience.

We have a number of improvements aimed at addressing cases like this which are currently in beta testing for the 5.8.4 update.

If you are interested in trying out the beta before the public release please let me know.

I am running the beta and will see if this improves things. Hopefully it will. Currently we restart the unit before using every time. It’s exhausting

i too have problem with two HomePod and lip sync where the video is about 2 second out of sync compared to the sound. I have attached the file information below, i am on 5.8.3



Same here, but on some videos it’s OK, and with some others (1080p) there’s a 1 sec delay on the lip sync.

I can help with the beta testing ?

Apple TV 4 Classic / Infuse 5 last version life license / 2 paired HomePod