Audio in last update

What is volume boost, is that center speaker so voices are not lost in the action noise, or is it just like turning up the volume?
Also tried the Downmix volume to normalized, didn’t hear any difference. Can someone suggest what I should be looking for.
I live in an apartment so I don’t use any subwoofer, is the LFE option going to help with the bass?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Volume boost provides overall louder volume. This is helpful in some cases where there is a lot of background noise like a train or airplane.

I would recommend keeping the the ‘Downmix Volume’ option set to Original unless you are seeing issues audio issues like with static or clipping.

Including the LFE channel in the stereo downmix can help provide a bit more low end sound, but using this is sort of a personal preference and can depend on your audio system setup.

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