Audio goes fuzzy midway through playback of certain files

I have a Apple TV 4K on the latest stable release of tvOS; Infuse Pro 5. I’ve adjusted my audio settings as recommended:
Infuse’s Audio Output option set to Passthrough.
Apple TV’s Settings > Video and Audio > Reduce Loud Sounds is turned off

I’ve also tried setting Infuse to Auto, experiencing the same results.

All files start playing fine, but randomly throughout playback 10-20 mins or so, the audio goes fuzzy. Some files play through completely OK once, then the next time go fuzzy. I believe the files all have a DTS-MA track.

Is this happening only on specific files?

Would you be able to send in a sample we could review here?

I’ve uploaded a sample file. Yes, only a certain set of files from the same source/encoding configuration exhibit the behavior. I believe these worked appropriately in Infuse 4, but I only had Infuse 4 with my latest receiver for a short time before upgrading to 5.


We’ll take a look at your sample and see if we can replicate this and track down what is going on.

In the meantime, can you switch Infuse’s Audio Output option to Auto to see if the same issue appears?

This is happening to me too on some DD files, specifically tbbt series 11 so far, every few minutes the audio becomes just a cracking noise. If I stop and continue its ok for a few minutes more, then happens again

For the files affected, infuse is basically unusable. Had to switch back to plex, this makes me sad :slight_smile:

Mine has the same behavior. Sometimes pausing works, but then the buzzing continues 2-5 minutes later.

We haven’t been able to replicate this here yet.

For those that are affected, are you using Passthrough in Infuse? If so, can you try switching to Auto to see if the same issue is present?

Just tried playing the file that was failing every few minutes, this time with the audio set to ‘Auto’ instead, and it played the rest of the way through without failing. Will test some more on other files, but it does seem better with that setting.

Can confirm that after a few more days, the problem has not reoccurred for me since setting the audio output to ‘auto’

Out of curiousity, how does infuse process the audio for the Auto setting? Passthrough is fairly obvious, but what’s it doing for Auto? decoding and re-encoding?

With Infuse set to Auto, the audio will be decoded (decompressed) and passed from the Apple TV to your receiver as LPCM.

Some more info on this can be found here.

Got it, makes sense. Hadnt noticed the lack of DTS light on receiver popping up. Its fine tho, makes no difference where the decoding is done. I’ll have to check closely on the receiver panel tho, as it looks like it is still lighting up the DD signal for DD sources, where I’d expect it to just show LPCM for all. But thanks for the info and pointer, great info to have. Possibly slightly confused by the atv outputting to TV over HDMI, and then the TV outputting to receiver via optical. But seems good so far