Audio gets out of sync when video sped up

I’ve consistnetly had issues whenever I watch videos sped up where the audio gets out of sync, normally after pausing and resuming the video. The quickest fix I’ve found is skipping back using the left direction button on my apple tv and that normally resync things, but it is very frustrating.

My setup is:

Apple TV 4k (latest) -HDMI-> Projector
-AIRPLAY-> 2x Homepod

This setup works great with every other video player/streaming service, but not Infuse.

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What version number of Infuse are you using?


Here are two example clips:

Movie played at 1x speed. Playing and pausing the video audio stays in sync and there are no issue:

Same movie played at 1.5x speed. Pausing and resuming the audio is now out of sync (on occasion the audio doesnt come back at all). If a rewind 10 seconds once or twice it will usually get the video back in sync (as I demo in the clip):

To help further troubleshoot, I switched the audio output to my projectors build in speakers. In that case, pausing/playing or skipping around does not result in the audio getting out of sync.

So it does appear that this is an issue with Infuse used in conjunction with Apple’s Homepod/Apple TV home theater audio feature.

Please let me know if I can help with any other troubleshooting or investigation, this would unfortunately be dealbreaker for me in using Infuse. I am hoping it isn’t too tough to fix, I don’t have similar issues in any other apps at the moment.

it is also happening to me that the audio is ahead of the video, I have tried different files and it is still happening.

I think it’s due to the latest tv os 16 update.

please keep an eye on it

PD: In my case it is with normal reproduction