Audio Formats that don't need Infuse processing

So, if I want to encode MP4 videos with 5 or more channel audio, what is the spec for audio that would not be touched by Infuse, don’t want it to be resampled, bitrate converted, etc. I understand it may be converted to lpcm, but just don’t want the audio resampled or bitrate converted. So, if I encode a video with aac 7.1 audio and 24 bits, 48khz, would Infuse do anything with it? I presume I can’t do better than 48khz without Infuse changing it back?

Is there a format where Infuse just passes it through to the Apple TV to play? Can I put lpcm in the MP4 and get that to play as is? if so, what specs for encoding?

Using LPCM would reduce the numbers of steps Infuse would need to perform on an audio track before sending it to your receiver, but in the end it won’t really matter.

For a bit of background, formats like AAC, DTS, AC3, TrueHD, DTS-HD MA etc… are all compressed formats. Some are lossy and others are lossless. These formats are unplayable as is, and will need to be decompressed before you are able to hear the audio inside. Infuse will handle this decompression inside the app, and with the Apple TV’s Audio Format option set to Auto there will be no resampling or bitrate changing, and the end result will be no loss of quality.

The Apple TV supports a max sample rate of 48KHz, so if you have audio with higher sample rates (96KHz, 192KHz, etc…) Infuse would limit/adjust this to 48KHz.

It’s all in the FAQ

So, if I understand correctly, an AAC 7.1 with a bitrate of 1536k or 640k, 48khz sample rate would be decompressed and converted to lpcm and not processed to reduce the bitrate. So, the bitrate is not an issue here.

That is correct. :slight_smile:

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