Audio Extractor for Apple TV and Infuse for 4k UHD, etc

This is a somewhat pricey one:®+Audio+Extractor+with+Dolby+Atmos®

Basically, I want to get DTS-HD, Dolby True-HD ought to two channel analog (headphones fine or spidf digital connection to my DSD Dac which should handle 24/48 no problem for the two front channels). PIA that no headphone output on apple tv 4k, but I suppose it’s an opportunity to get better sound.

My apple tv 4k is shipping from direct tv and trying to get a device to work for my setup above. However, my only 4k viewing device right now is ipad pro. Trying to land a steal of a deal tomorrow on LG OLED, but reality is I might stay with my older 1080p tv (which I love.) So two part question, does anyone have an extractor they recommend for the 2017 LG OLEDs and all the UHD stuff that does a good job with the analog or has spidf optical or rca outputs? 2nd part is longer; if I stick with 1080p tv will I have issues with 4k content played through the appletv and could I get buy with a cheaper extractor not rated for UHD 4k?

Think of this as a headphone request, but this is for high-end all tube 2 channel system that does a fantastic job with blu-ray via analog.

There’s no reason this shouldn’t work, but if headphones are your goal a simpler option might be to pick up a set of Bluetooth headphones and connect them directly with the Apple TV.

Alternatively, (as I mentioned in your other thread) I’d recommend looking into adding an AV receiver to go with your OLED. This would allow you to use wired headphones without any extra breakout boxes.

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Kind of hit you with a further wrinkle on this question here:

What about optical outputs on newer hdtvs passing 96/24 sound? I’m pretty sure my 10 year old HDTV does not output HD sound over analog or optical outputs.

The Apple TV does not support 96kHz output in any form. Sorry. :frowning:

FWIW, nearly all movie/TV show content is mastered in 48kHz, so you’re not really missing anything.

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My bad, I’m well aware it is it 48/24 bit on blu-rays, etc.