Audio delay when "best available" and "auto" selected

Happens all the time for me on regular ATV 4. So this workaround for DTS is not working very well for me. If I choose DD5.1 instead, it seems to work fine but then I don’t get DTS…

This is actually a quirk of how the Apple TV processes its audio. The same behavior can be found in other apps like Netflix as well.

I notice this delay also sometimes. It gets in sync again when I skip back 10 sec via Apple TV remote. Btw. I cannot confirm this for Netflix.


For Infuse normally I have a constant audio delay which comes from my TV (approx. 60 ms). No matter if ATV needs to switch the frame rate to 24p. But sometimes if 24p content is played in Infuse audio is delayed but it gets in sync again if I skip 10 sec as mentioned above.

For Amazon/Netflix on ATV I can say for me: If I play content which does not need any framerate switch I still have the 60 ms audio delay and video/audio is in sync. But here it comes (and I think this is what James meant): 24p content played via Amazon/Netflix needs extra audio delay around 100ms. So I have for 24p 160 ms audio delay. And it does not matter if I skip forward or backwards.


Is this situation improved in Infuse 6 because of the improved playback engine, or do we still have to add 160 ms delay to the sound in the receiver for 24p movies?

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