Audio delay setting missing

the picture of my tv has some lag, so, the audio coming from the apple tv
needs to be delayed.
Is it planned to add such a feature in the Infuse-player?
Thanks and regards


This is something we’ll likely be adding in a future update.

Not really on-topic, but I had the same issue.

  • If your TV has a passthrough audio option (a digital output with the required quality), this output should take into account the TV processing time (which varies depending on video options - it is for example minimal in game mode). This is what I use and have zero issue.
  • If you have a multichannel amplifier, it probably has some delay settings too. This works too but needs to be adjusted when you change video processing settings on the settings (like engaging game mode when my PS4’s input is selected).

@James: That would be great! Thank you.

@jrmec.49364: Thanks for these two proposals. I will try.