Audio Delay adjustment

Any chance this is going to happen? MrMC has a +/- to audio delay so you can not only delay the audio, you can also remove the delay that might happen if you connect to the TV first and then via ARC to the AVR. This NEEDS to get added. I canceled my Infuse sub and bought MrMC since my older AVR didn’t support HDR and buying MrMC was the cheaper option for now. Please add this!

I’d like to vote for this also. Needs to be a per title adjustment (I can do global adjustment on my dednon AVR)

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Definite +1 for this functionality. Especially for 24Hz content similar to how Kodi manages it.

Will there be an option to sync the audio if it’s out of sync. In other apps you can off-set audio in milliseconds forwards or backwards. This is very useful when the talking is out of sync with the lip movements.

Yes need an audio adjustment panel within infuse as wireless audio sync doesn’t work on titles which are by themselves audio delayed. For eg: I downloaded Souls movie and it is audio delayed by 30ms, I can’t do anything to fix it as I watch movies through AirPods!


Sometimes I find that my audio is out of sync, this can be caused by a bad video or due to Bluetooth devices playing up, can you please add a in video user customisable option to set a delay on the video or audio, thus allowing us to fix these issues and still enjoy our video.

This is similar to what BS Player does on android.

A really useful way for the user to set this, would be for them to tap when something is heard in the video then tap when it is seen, or vice versa, the question could be asked if it was seen or heard first then the new delay can be calculated, of course, I would just be happy with a manual option too. :slight_smile:


It would be much appreciated if we could get an option to set an audio delay with positive and negative values (e.g. from -1.000[s] - 1.000[s]) in 0.025[s] steps. This can be implemented in the options (top right cog) for a general setting but the user should also be able to change this when watching a movie (by swiping down and opening the audio menu with tracks and subtitles).

Thanks for considering.


I was hopping for an audio delay option in Infuse 6.

I have a Big problem with Sound being out of sync playing video via Infuse, through a Pioneer SC- LX89 receiver. Any other sourches are ok.

More People’s are requesting this, but it is not even on the list of comming improvements. Why ?

This problem males Infuse almost unusable

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I vote for the return of this function ! Please !

Does adding an audio delay on your receiver for that hdmi source not work? or are you saying that something like netflix on ATV isn’t delayed, but infuse is? Also is this just one video or everything?

Infuse 6 Pro user here.
When is a audio sub adjustment feature going to return to Infuse?
I distinctly remember having this feature in previous versions so why not now?
Most my files are fine but when I get one that’s out of sync I want the option to adjust the delay on the fly as I used to.
This has been requested many times by different users so why has nothing been done? It’s a basic feature please add it very soon.

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I’ve been asking for this feature since I purchased Infuse 1.0 the week it was released. The answer is always, it’s coming in an upcoming release. Now years later it’s still coming. Like everyone here I have systems I can’t use it with and must use two different apps.


I would like to have Audio Sync options on Infuse when playing local content so we can play around with delay, i think this is actually a must have feature on a media player these days, don´t know if that is possible though, hopefully it is!

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I bought Infuse literally within days of when it was first offered and ever since that very first version they’ve been promising this feature “very soon”.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

With my Apple TV, I use Infuse. Now I’d love to use Infuse for playing movie on my Mac. Unfortunately, I have to use IINA because my bluetooth speakers have an audio delay.
It’s no big deal but I’d love to use nothing else but Infuse on any device, it’s a such great App !

This basic feature, which is already available in free apps like VLC, is sorely needed. Please add it.

I would very much like this feature too. The audio sync between ATV4k and Sonos Arc (with Sony XE9005 in between) seems very slightly off when using Infuse 7 (pro). Other apps on the Apple TV work just fine.