Audio Delay adjustment

would like to have the ability to +/- audio delay for out of sync. sometimes there is nothing i can do about resyncing a file, and this would give me the ability to watch the show as is.


Yeah, sometimes whatever you do doesn’t work, and the manual adjustment works always like in vlc

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agreed, i am little shocked that this function isnt already in Infuse.


Please add audio delay adjustment feature - this has been requested and an issue for a long time. Preferably a general setting that is applied across the board and also can be adjusted on the fly while playing back.

Thank you


Absolutely needed!! Bluetooth wireless units with some “newest” Qualcom chip will NOT “auto sync” or “report back it’s delay” – so these videos are really only watchable with VLC. Sure would be nice to have Infuse as good as VLC…

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+1 Bose is good sound and well delayed

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This is such a basic MUST have feature that is much more important than adding fancy new features IMO!

Because of the lack of +/- audio delay AND the lack of any way to speed up playback speeds I’m finding that I need to use VLC more and more.

Hello, Firecore Infuse product manager… Please at least be feature competitive to VLC in these two areas!!!

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This would allow Sonos users to use their setups to watch movies in sync. Their line-in adds a lot of delay, and there are many complaints about this on the Sonos forums. Happy to help beta test this.

What do you think James???

Yes please. I needed it the other day and was actually very surprised it was not available.

Would also like this option. I have a slight delay (1-2 frames) with my Sonos & Sony XBR setup.

Was this feature ever implemented? Thank you!

tvOS 13 includes a “Wireless Audio Sync” setting that automagically fixed the issue at OS level.
I’m therefore able to use my old-school living room Sonos setup with anything on my Apple TV, in sync. Well done Apple.

The audio delay option is a basic and a must. I have a Bose QC35 with a hell of a lot of delay and I don’t want to change it for a Sony just because of that use case. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

The automatic audio delay in iOS does work on the Bose QC35, though. There should be no need to modify the delay for those headphones.

Yes please…
It is very important and useful feature.
My Avr is denon x2400. It has only max +500 Ms , not more, not minus

Yes please. This is a must feature. I have to keep going back to plex because of this.

Use MrMC now with audio offset.
Really want that infuse supports audio offset.