Audio channels seem incorrectly mapped

Since a few updates back, the app seems to allocate the wrong speakers for various audio channels. Foreground speech is panned to the Right, and most of the background sound is panned to the Left.
Please fix.

Hmm, we haven’t seen any issues like this.

Is this happening for many files or just a few?

All files. It didn’t do this before.

Other video apps don’t do this.

Sounds like it might be your receiver. Infuse may be outputting PCM while other apps are probably outputting Dolby Digital. Your receiver saves specific settings depending on what type of input it gets. Make sure that they are set to direct in to start.

? I didn’t change any setting, my surround system is of the same brand as my TV, and no other sound source behaves in this manner - this includes other video playing apps on my Apple TV, such as Plex. Netflix, HBO, YouTube, etc. etc. Also, as I wrote, there were no problems a few versions previously.

So, no, it’s not my equipment or any generic setting in my Apple TV. It’s the Infuse app.

Just curious, have you run the test files listed in the first post of this thread to verify?