Audio apple tv

Just about to start using a lot of blurays and using toslink to soundbar from tv. Soundbar is dd/dts only (bose) what happens when playing the hd tracks dts-hd/ma through infuse as its not supported on the soundbar. Is it better to rip the dd or dts tracks aswell and use these instead?

Have noticed that the speech isnt very clear on some films(solo for example), so wondered if there is downmixing going on or if its best just to let it play in the dd/dts track. Tv is lgoled so in theory is passing through the dd mix.

All audio is downmixed to two channel PCM (max supported by toslink). You might want to set the AppleTV to output Dolby digital and allow it to convert everything to that.

Ok, so if the appletv sends the signal as dolby then soundbar should also receive it from the tv.

Will the dolby soundtrack on the disk be any better than this converted one? I use mkv so not an issue to add these extra tracks to the container

The Blu-Ray track will be better as it is lossless truehd howvever if the Blu-Ray player is also going over toslink then it’ll be the same lossy track being output by the AppleTV.

Sorry didn’t quite understand that. Infuse will be playing the MKV. The MKV has the truehd/dts-ma soundtrack, my question was will there be any difference if the appletv converts this to DD5.1 vs the available DD5.1 stream on the blu ray disk (which I could add to the MKV container if it was re-ripped).

I also read on line you can go to the LG OLED service menu and get the optical to output DTS (rather than the default PCM), so not sure how this would play out if I were to make that change

I ripped both the HD track and DD. I set the apple tv to dd out and best available. It is MUCH better if you play the DD track rather than allow the atv to output hd track as dd. I couldn’t tell any difference if it was set to dd out or best available, but the dd track always sounded much better (clearer, speech improved and a little bit louder). I tried this on an AF8 (No soundbar) also and it was same result.

I will look into the DTS option on the LG and see if this makes any difference.