aTVFlash-xbmc edtition won't load after disconnecting power

Loaded aTVFlash successfully. Used XBMC numerous times and liked the speed. DIsconnected aTV and moved it to another location and another TV. Will not reload XBMC. Get the OpenElec banner then a green screen and then nothing. HELP!

From an engineers point of view, a green or blue screen indicates the monitor / tele youre connecting too doesnt have HDCP (which ATV might require)… Is it an old tele ? Does it work back in its original position ?

It’s a new Philips with HDMI interface and has HDCP, so works perfectly with AT&T Universe box using HDMI. Also it worked when aTV was running the standard apple aTV software on this TV. It does seem to work with component video cables but not HDMI.