Atvflash-xbmc edition fails to install

After successfully creating a usb stick (only on windows, on a last gen MacBook Air with Yosemite the installer fails) I insert it in the atv and, after the the appearance of atvflash xbmc logo, I have only a blank screen with the atv led blinking. I’ve tried about an half dozen of different sub sticks with the same result, please can you tell me how to make it work? What type/brand of usb stick works (please don’t indicate me the ones in the first discussion which are almost ten year old and difficult to find). Thank you.

Very good support, very very good! After 4 month and a hundred of attempts I haven’t find a compatible usb stick and I didn’t receive any support.
For the new users there is my suggestion: stay away from Atvflash xbmc edition if you don’t want to risk to waste your money, there are other free solutions to get xbmc on First gen Apple TV.
I will never spend a penny for a Firecore product anymore.
Kind regards