aTVFlash updates. Keep Boxee

I haven´t updated to the latest aTVFlash software because I don´t want to lose out on my settings in Boxee. Last time I updated the software I didn´t check Boxee because I already had it installed. So when I rebooted, unfortunately, Boxee wasn´t there.

Am I able to install Boxee on this latest update and it not reinstall over it a fresh copy? When I did that it erased all my settings and had to redo everything.

Any suggestions???

I would try this:

  1. Use Fugu or CyberDuck to connect to the AppleTV.
  2. Go to Library > Application Support
  3. Change the name of the Boxee folder to something else, i.e. Boxee1.
  4. Install new version of Boxee.
  5. Boxee should recreate the Boxee folder in Application Support. Refresh the screen on Fugu or CyberDuck.
  6. Rename the new Boxee folder something else and then rename your original Boxee folder, Boxee1, back to Boxee.

That should do it for you. I’m not sure why Boxee deletes the settings when it installs, but I absolutely hate it. Boxee stretches too far on my TV and I have to spend about 2-3 minutes recalibrating the video it after every update. It is quite annoying.

Good advice. I will give it a try next time.

It sure would be nice if they fixed that. I do the same video calibration, and it´s annoying!

thanks though.