aTVFlash NitoTV Problem with 5.3?

I have installled NitoTV using both aTVFlash and the NitoTV installer using on my JB ATV 5.3

In both instances I have encountered the following problems:

  1. I cannot add my own or anyother city for a new weather location. Not a big deal but more of an anoyance.

  2. The option for “updatesbegone” does not appear under the list “Install Software” of asI think it does in the YouTube videos I have watched, however, it does appear under “Manage–>Packages” and reads installed, is this how it should be? Are there any good suggestions on which applications I should install or given that I have aTVFlash is NitoTV redundant? 

Is it possible that NitoTV does not work properly with 5.3?

Thank-you for any help or suggestions.