ATVFlash iPhone Remote

I think a ATVFlash iPhone/iTouch Remote would be a great feature.
It facilitate surfing and url input on the iPhone through Couch Surfer.

You can enter most text fields on Couch Surfer using Apple Remote on the iPod Touch/iPhone. It isn’t a full VNC where you can see the screen or anything, but at least it is easier to enter text than the real Apple Remote.

Well, I have Apple Remote 1.1.1 on my iPhone, which I’ve been using for my own AppleTV, but there’s no facility for text entry. For that matter, there’s no visibility on anything but iTunes-related content and functions. What am I missing?

Whenever you are in a text field in Couch Surfer be sure the Apple Remote iPhone/iPod app is open and connected and you should see a text field on the iPhone/iPod. For instance if I choose enter URL or Google Search on the AppleTV this is what I see.

how about an application that allows you to control the main gui from the iPhone / iPod Touch. Brandon Holland released a great IR emulator app, can anybody that and run with it to create that app that we all would love to have. That way you could also use the XBMC and Boxee app as well.