aTVflash+Firefox+Flash+Tunnelblick running - This is how I did it.

Since I've been tinkering for many hours and I finally got at least some components working, I wanted to share this with you all.
Feel free to comment :-)

1. First I restored my ATV1 to Factory Settings.
2. After that ran I booted it with a USB-stick with aTV Flash (which I created on my MacBook)
3. Then I ran the Update (Maintenance-Settings-nito Smart Installer)
4. Then I was in luck as I still have an old iBookG4 with OSX 10.4.10 on it. So I copied /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreAudioKit.framework folder to a USB stick (that's starting at the root folder of your HD, not your users folder!)
5. I installed Cyberduck on my MacBook and connected using SSH (FTP standard connection only lets you view the Frontrow user folders). So Open Connection->SFTP/SSH->Server= appletv.local (click the book-icon and then Bonjour to see the name of your ATV)->enter frontrow as user and password
6. In Cyberduck go to /System/Library/Frameworks and see if there is a CoreAudioKit.framework folder, depending on that you can skip some of the following steps if the folder is already there.
7. Because I could not copy my local (on my MacBook) CoreAudioKit.framework folder using Cyberduck because of permissions, I started Terminal on my MacBook
8. In Terminal type: ssh frontrow@appletv.local (or whatever your ATV is called), answer 'yes' if Terminal asks if you really want this and type frontrow again as the password
9. type: cd /system/library/frameworks
10. type: sudo mkdir CoreAudioKit.framework and type frontrow as password (normally within one SSH session you only have to type this password once for the sudo commands)
11. type: cd CoreAudioKit.framework
12. type: sudo mkdir Resources
13. I then copied the CoreAudioKit.framework folder from my MacBook (I dumped it in my Downloads folder) to the /Users/frontrow/Documents folder on my ATV using Cyberduck
14. In Terminal, type: sudo cp -R /users/frontrow/documents/coreaudiokit.framework/* . (don't forget the final dot)
15. On your ATV go to Maintenance->Install Extras->Adobe Flash and finish the install
16. In Maintenance->Install Extras->Mozilla Firefox
17. After this go to nitoTV->Settings->Categories and check if Applications is ON, if not enable it
18. In nitoTV->Applications->Firefox to start Firefox. Now your need either a USB mouse/keyboard or a remote mouse program. Ive got both working, the USB is easiest ofc.
19. Just surf to any Flash website (Hulu for instance) and check if Flash is working
20. Now I use Astrill VPN so I created the correct files (ca.crt, client.crt, client.key) using their website. I selected 1 US server from their list and renamde the .conf file to config.conf
21. In Cyberduck go to /Users/frontrow/lbrary, select New Folder from the Action menu and name it: openvpn
22. Copy the VPN files to this new openvpn folder. So that's ca.crt, client.crt, client.key and config.conf for Astrill.
23 On ATV go to Maintenance->Install Extras->Tunnelblick and finish the install
24. Go to Maintentance->Settings and right-click on TunnelBlick to set up your username and password
25. Launch Firefox and go to Hulu to check if it works

I hope this helps a bit.

My only problems at the moment are:
- no mouse pointer (really annoying)
- Hulu playback is too slow to enjoy
- still go to test XBMC (which I prefer to Boxee)
- switching between VPN countries (ie. when I want to use the BBC iPlayer I would need to change the config.conf file on my ATV




Thanks for posting this. I have been trying to get Tunnelblik/Astrill working for months without success. One question: why did you install the the CoreAudioKit.framework folder? Why is this necessary and what does it do?


wonder if this will help with getting SLINGBOX to work in the browser. 


but i have the problem with the framework Package, i think my Version is not from 10.4.10 because i have become my aTV flash Stick from Ebay, so i think that is the error that flash didn´t works in the couch surfer browser on my aTV or is it possible that the actual flash application in the web not supportet by the installed flash version on the aTV?

Is it possible to get these package from you?

(Sorry for my English, it is a long time ago)



Thank you so much for this tutorial. Do you happen to know whether this works also for ATV 2 (the black one)?

I’m also looking into getting UK tv in Central America, in fact I want BBC iPlayer to work here and maybe use my cousin’s slingbox signal…


Thanks a lot,


I bought a copy of OSX 10.4 that has the installation files needed to make Flash work, however, I have never tried it and I have no clue what “Cyberduck” is or where to obtain it if I did.  

Would this process be simpler for me since I have the OSX install disks for the version that has the Core Audio Kit, et al?



The complete guide can be found here:

I have got Flash Player working for both Firefox and Boxee. Makes a huge difference. Download missing file from then add the file via Cyberduck to the Frameworks folder on the Apple TV. Next install Firefox via the Nito app and away you go. I have BBC iPlayer working plus live sports streams.