atvflash features vs. xbmc etc...

So I am not understanding what features exactly atvflash has currently?


because with a jailbroken atv2 and xbmc you can stream almost any file format from a nas or external usb drive(computer attached)

and the atv flash browser doesnt support flash so i just dont get it i guess - the browser was the thing atv flash has that other apps dont but if I cant do hulu or whatever then the browser is useless and i dont care about weather, rss, or most of that is available with other jailbreak apps


so what does this product actually do that makes it worth it - just wondering if im missing something?


Yesterday's ATV Flash update brings multi-format video playback from an AFP file share 'natively' through the AppleTV's default menus.

There's no denying it does more stuff, but I find XBMC a bit clunky. I prefer the ATV Flash media player - simple, just enough features (for me) and very Apple-like.

Does this builtin mediaplayer also show any miniatures or fanart?


Yes, metadata and cover art are downloaded automatically.

Here’s a short video demo.

Looks just like I want. means that I do not need to use Xbmc.


One more question. I hope it is not based on Sapphire since I have no good experience with that. I do not have good experience with Sapphire.

Nope, Sapphire is not currently available for the ATV2.

Decided to buy ATFflash today and it went remarkably good.


I had one (actually 2) problems:


  1.  I could not insert both the USB & HDMI cables at the same time. Not enough room on de aTV. Maybe that caused problem 2.

  2.  Seasonpass made the new ipsw but did not succeed to upgrade the aTV with it. It ended (eternally waiting) with a error message "… finder … ". After a few retries I decided to let iTunes (upsing Option+ update) to update the aTV. This was done and the the aTV was jailbroken.

Maybe the problem was because I could not see what happened on the TV (HDMI cable was too thick).


Also I have a question. The Mediaplayer does a good job retrieving the information of the Internet but I would also like to show some information when a folder is highlighted. Is there no way I can use a file like ‘folder.jpg’ so that the player will show this?




I’d also like to display folder information (series info, cover art, etc…)