ATVFlash Feature Set vs atvusb creator + boxee?


I’m on the verge of getting enough time to buy aTV Flash and moding my ATV which now has 2.1 on it.

I’m confused by what “important” features I’d be giving up if I were just to use the free atusb creatorr+boxee? I’m sure there are many but here are at basics I want to do…

  1. Plug a hub in the back of the ATV and hook up 2 or 3 USB drives.
  2. Play xvid, avi, and raw DVD rips.
  3. Run Boxee.
  4. Be able to FTP media to the ATV internal HD or the above mentioned USB drives.
  5. Keep the origianl ATV features.

I’m not sure if both the options can do all these things. I’m also not sure I’d use all the “extras” like couch surfer, sapphire, etc. Can any one tell me why I should do what I want to do… ie, just buy ATV Flash and get on with it :slight_smile: I know I can do all the above with the ATVFlash. Can the freebie do it also? Which handles the Apple 2.2 better? The $50 isn’t the issue. I just want the “easiest” solution to what I want to do…


Essentially Boxee is a replacement for the Apple TV menu. The aTV Flash will allow you to extend the functionality (USB drives, VIDEO TS/AVI support, web browsing) while retaining the standard look and functionality of the Apple TV.

Boxee is also included if you want to try it out.