aTVFlash (black) 1.1.1 installer stops with "No internet" and "Version out of date"?

This is incredibly frustrating.
Just paid my $30, downloaded the newest aTV Flash (Black) v1.1.1 installer, but every time I try and install I get an incredibly unhelpful page saying:

Oops, the aTV Flash (black) installer cannot proceed.

This is due to 1 of 2 things:

  1. You’re not connected to the internet.

  2. This version of aTV Flash (black) is out of date.
    Please download the latest version from the fire website.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Neither of these two ‘things’ apply - I am online and this is the latest version of the installer (verified in get info as v1.1.1).
I have tried re-downloading 3 times and restarting my MacBook Pro. The date on my system is also correctly set to 2nd Jan 2012, the installer should not expire until 2013 according to the download page. This seems like the most likely candidate for the issue - did the developers accidentally set to 01/02/2012?

This is a very poorly thought out installer. Its clearly got an issue which it has misidentified.
Anyone else seen this and found a solution? 


It was Little Snitch!

For whatever reason the usual window to allow access for this installer did not pop up, so the installer just states its not online. Of course the system is online but since Little Snitch is preventing the installer from accessing the network, it just reports its offline!