aTVFlash + ATV2 + 4.4.2 doesn't work...

Have now tried 4 times, same results:

  1. Jailbreak requires the power cord method, reboot, unplug power, DFU

  2. Seas0nPass doesn’t/can’t control iTunes via scripting, so that part is manual

  3. After a successful restore of the SP ipsw, unplugging/replugging the ATV2 causes it to go into fast-flashing mode

Tethered boot makes no difference, same end result.

If anyone actually has this working on an ATV2 with 4.4.2, would love to know how to do it.

If you are using the 4.4.2 firmware (which needs a tethered boot), then you must not disconnect the power as the moment you do it will require the tethered boot again. This means that while doing the tethered boot the ATV2 must be positioned close to where you intend it to be in normal use - one of the disadvantages of a tethered boot.