atvFlash 4.0.6 app will not start

I just purchased and downloaded the 4.0.6 application. The .dmg downloads and mounts fine. Copy the app to the Applications folder, check. Start the application and get Mac OS Problem Report with the following:

[Error Message Truncated]

Please help. This looks like a fantastic App/Utility and I would love to start using it.

Please send an email here:

I did submit an email through the web site. Got a new download URL. Did not work.

So I am smarter than the average bear. I did a show package contents, and to my surprise it is a executable JAR behind it all. Being a Java Developer myself, I understood what was going on. I executed the JAR file and the app actually started for me. It lets me select my thumb drive, and downloads the latest ATV image, then gives me a message about have the application installed in the Applications Directory or something to that effect.

I am lead to believe that it is not an issue with the app, but some environment issue with the JavaApplicationStub, which I assume is a shell script that executes the Jar file.

I hope I didn’t give anything away, but I hope this helps diagnose the issue.