ATVFlash 2.3 problems!

Was happily running 4.3 (2557) untethered on my ATV2 with aTV Flash 2.2
Maintenance didn’t show any updates so i updated via PC client to 2.3

I didn’t see any installable options for Infuse or Mediaplayer so i re-ran the PC installer 2 or 3 times.
Now the ATV doesn’t boot, LED blinks … sign of a tethered boot symptom usually.

Funily enough i can still run ATV flash 2.3 but the device doesn’t boot.
What to do? Did 2.3 mess with the JB? And how come i can’t see all installer options? 


OK so according to James, 2.3 has an OS requirement of at least 4.4 and while it can install on lower OS versions, not all extras (such as Infuse) are available.

still, this doesn’t explain why the hell running the 2.3 PC client completely ruined a working OS4.3+Flash2.2 untethered setup!!