atvflash 2.0 beta?

When are we likely to hear about getting access to the 2.0 beta?

Having signed up for it.


We’re likely a few days away from the beta invites going out.

Hang in there.  :wink:

OK, Thanks James.


Hello James, 

   I just seen a new teaser about your TV series for 2.0.  Will they be able to show the separate covers for EACH series with the 2.0 or still just the one main cover??  

Are you referring to season cover art? If so, then yes. :)

For example, after selecting ‘Fringe’ from the TV Shows section ( you will be presented with the available seasons (

All the organization and downloading of cover art you see here is being done automatically.


That looks brilliant!  I currently manually add the folder images for each season, but this will be so much easier :slight_smile:

any news on the beta?

That is awesome James, it will make it a lot easier then adding your own as it will be automatic but im wondering if those cover arts will be on the main menu on 2.0 when you pick your season? …On the main menu now it only shows one cover for ALL seasons (just the main cover of True Blood).  What I like to see instead is each season you watch that season cover art appears on the main menu instead of every season you watch everyone have the same cover art even when you manually added the cover yourself.  I hope I explained that correctly…If that’s the same thing you was referring to this will be GREAT.  Thanks James

I’m waiting for the bete release! Any news?

I received wednesday a mail from FC with the link to the beta.

Installed it and everything is working fine (search, covers for series, etc…).

One thing, when i’m at the end of an episode or movie, the ATV restarts itself.

A little bug :)

Is there a specific forum for beta tester? My library it’s not indexing my collection. All videos it’s in a external disk.


If you haven’t done so already, in the mail you received with the beta invitation there is an e-mail address to report bugs and suggestions, I don’t think the beta is being discussed in the forums.

Are there an ETA on public release

It’s done, when it’s done